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Finding the right job is hard, but don't panic. Below are some practical and motivational tips on alternative job paths!  



Alternative Job Paths


1 - Don't give up, Don't give in!


No one ever dreamed of being a tax consultant growing up, so why are there so many?  I'm sure many of your friends have started on some sort of career path and you're worried you're lagging behind , it's natural. While I hope all of your friends are truly happy more than likely they won't stay on that path. One study shows that 75% of adults in their 30s in the US want a career change. This means you shouldn't let the uncertainty you are feeling now discourage you, embrace it. Use this time and that pit in your stomach to drive you forward and try new things (Equation: Try new things -> Fail -> Try new things -> Fail -> Repeat until successful).  I should caveat here that this will require real effort and time so be honest with yourself and do the work! 




Alternative Job Paths


2 - Research, Research, Research:


Read everything you can about every and any job that interests you; no matter how ridiculous or farfetched it seems.  Felix Baumgartner recenetly got sponsored by Redbull to do a parachute jump from space; what's stopping you from doing something wild? I'm sure at this stage you're saying "Yeah but, I don't have the time or resoruces or etc. etc. etc." Barriers are made to be overcome, if you don't face challenges how can you grow and become the best damn (insert desired career) you can be! If you feel the barriers are insurmountable or not worth it then it's not the job for you, keep researching. If you TRULY want something bad enough you'll make it work. 




Alternative Job Paths


3 - Talk to EVERYONE:


Intern at a record label, sounds cool right? It is IF you're the right fit, if not it's difficult, has long anti-social hours and isn't well paid. My point here is you have no idea what someone actually does day to day unless you ask them. Think of all those times someone told you their job title and you had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. The solution? Ask everyone what they do! Friends, family, strangers, EVERYONE. If it sounds interesting to you, ask them what their day to day looks like, what they like about their job and what they wish was a tiny bit better. Everyone has had to find a job at some point and will usually be more than willing to help you out. Consider also taking it one step further and reach out to people on resources like LinkedIn and using publically available company emails. Invite them for a coffee or even just a quick phone call.  You will be so surprised how kind and obliging people can be if you write a thoughtful, genuine and endearing email.  



Alternative Job Paths


4 - Travel:


Still not sure? Maybe a change of scenery will help! As cliched as it sounds, traveling does help. Meeting people from all over the world with different stories and backgrounds will help you break out of the mental stagnation that comes with staying in one place for too long. Personally, I couldn't afford to travel for very long so I moved to cities for extended periods of time and got a job.  One great way to make sure you'll find a job abroad is by picking up some extra skills. Hitting up a non-english speaking country? Try doing a TEFL course and heading out. Everyone needs coffee so why not do a Barista course? Use your time abroad to think about your goals and what's important to you. They appear more clearly the further you are from them. 


I hope you found these tips on alternative job paths helpful! If you have any questions feel free to reach out, I would be more than happy to chat (remeber tip 3 ;)).





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