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introducing baristas to your workplace

Introducing Baristas to your workplace is a big commitment. Here are some things you need to consider.




Hiring people isn't cheap. Luckily, when you hire a Barista they've been trained and so this cost is eliminated. They also add value to culture and frees up time your facilities team used to manage your coffee arrangements. The real cost comes with equipment. A good coffee machine is going to set you back $14,000. I recommend hiring a Barista first and having them source the machine. Second hand machines can range from $5,000-8,000. A good Barista will have a network within the coffee community and may even be able to snag you a discount. Coffee wholesale is actually quite inexpensive, once again, be sure your Barista is part of this process. Other items such as water boilers, grinders, hoppers are less expensive but bear in mind this will also need to be considered.




Make sure your office has the appropriate space for a Barista bar. It will need access to pipes and drains. Having an area renovated and added will be another cost you will have to consider. Is there enough space in your current office? Is there somewhere you already use for coffee that you could simply upgrade? This would be the best case scenario and lead to the least amount of disruption and cost when making the transition to a Barista Bar. 




This isn't something that will happen overnight. It can take up to 6 months for this to happen. We recommend starting with a good Barista and some planning around what you want to do. Here at D2B we offer these consultative services. Let us look at your space, listen to your goals and design a plan that will help you implement a great Barista Bar in the least disruptive manner possible. We will help with everything from hiring your Barista to the first cup of coffee pulled.


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